The Basque Country: Where Modern Meets Traditional

Honor is joined by Gorka from the Basque Country; a country that is celebrated for its traditions, with a culture and language like no other in the world.

Gorka describes the Basque’s “stubbornness” to keep their culture alive, so no wonder it makes up a large part of what you can get up to in the Low Seasons. We struggle to cover it all as the Basque Country has so much to offer, from modern art to ancient traditions, to amazing Michelin food to cider houses and wine from the Rioja region. The one thing that was made clear throughout this interview was how important Low Season Travel is to appreciating and understanding a country’s culture, and it would appear with a few words in Basque, which you’ll learn in the next episode, the Basque Country is more than happy to share it with us.

Episode Links:

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