Helping travellers to respond to their climate conscience

We connect climate conscious travellers with climate friendly travel organisations.

As a social enterprise, we use 25% of all profits to directly support climate friendly initiatives for some of the least developed nations on earth.

Our mission is to create the world’s first truly climate friendly travel club where members benefit from staying and travelling with genuinely environmentally friendly organisations whilst contributing to our efforts to support a variety of climate friendly initiatives.

You can learn more about these initiatives here.

Carbon offsets aren’t enough.

Sustainable Aviation Fuel is the most viable solution for sustainable travel by air today. An interim solution which the global tourism economy is dependant upon.

We invite climate conscious travellers to compensate for their air travel by supporting climate justice and championing sustainable aviation fuel rather than offsetting their emissions. Our members will effectively pioneer the only viable solution to sustainable aviation available today whilst getting travel and vacation benefits.

Our new “Carbon Compensator” will launch later this year.

Our Challenge

How to deliver better and fairer tourism in a climate friendly way.

The benefits of tourism are well established. As the global travel and tourism has grown throughout the past century, many benefits of our worldwide mobility have been realised.

But this growth has brought dark clouds with it – the most significant being Climate Change.


The carbon footprint of travel is significant and aviation is an important component of this footprint.

It simply is not sustainable today.


With the global commercial aircraft fleet size set to double by 2040, today we know that there is nowhere near enough Sustainable Aviation Fuel to sustainably deliver this growth if we are to achieve the goals set out by the IPCC.

Scott Kirby, CEO of United Airlines, outlines the problem with carbon offsetting. (Credit: The Bloomberg Business Week)


“We are producing 4,000 times more emissions than we did in the pre-industrial era. Most offsetting projects rely on planting trees and there simply isn’t enough room on the planet to plant 4,000 times as many trees…



What if travellers could effectively compensate for their emissions and directly contribute to a climate friendly travel solution rather than offset them…and directly benefit from their contribution rather than losing their money?


With our soon to be launched Carbon Compensator tool, we will help travellers to understand their aviation carbon emissions and rather than waste their money on offsets, we will use that money to fund our climate friendly initiatives so that destinations in the LDC’s and SIDS nations can benefit directly from a new form of climate justice.
But there is a big difference with our solution…


For every penny used towards carbon compensation, unlike carbon offset schemes, we give our members their money back in the form of travel points to be used towards travel and accomodation with our climate friendly travel partners. A virtuous circle where everyone benefits.
Our new Climate Friendly Travel Wallet will launch later this year and we can’t wait to show it to you…

Changing the world is possible.  We’ve done it before.

Our leadership team brings years of experience to bear on the greatest challenge of our time.  We’re results driven, with a proven record of previous successes.