Calculate your flight emmissions and then pay the equivalent amount into your Climate Friendly Travel Wallet where you will be supporting Climate Friendly Travel in the Least Developed Countries in the world  through some of the initiatives of The SUNx Program.
You also get every penny converted into EarthPoints which you can use towards staying in some of the amazing properties we feature in the club!

Don’t “Offset” your emissions, COMPENSATE for them!

Step 1: Calculate your Flight Emissions

See how much it costs to “off-set” your emissions and then go to step 2 below to compensate for your emmissions instead.

Step 2:

Compensate for your emissions by joining the Climate Friendly Travel Club and supporting our action with the Least Developed Countries and Small Island Development States.
Your money is converted to EarthPoints™ in your club account wallet which you can spend on our selection of climate friendly accomodation and partners worldwide.