Untouched Ep4: Exumas

Get your boat shoes on because in the 4th episode of the Untouched series with Alex Boylan we travel to the Exumas, Bahamas!

Kate and Alex discuss this beautiful archipelago that is known for swimming with the water pigs but offers so much more. The Exumas have 365 islands (one for each day of the year if you really want!) so you can sail around for days without seeing another soul. Look at your reflection in the crystal clear blue waters and realise that’s exactly where you’re meant to be!

Alex’s first brush with the camera began with winning the Amazing Race at 23 years old, from there his career has skyrocketed with work both in front and behind the camera. Alex is above all else an adventurer and a storyteller. Alex has filmed in almost every state in the US and over 60 countries around the world. He has hosted two number #1 show on PBS, hosted over 100 segments on the Travel Channel and circumnavigated the world without a cent in his pocket for ‘Around the World for Free‘, this is just to name a few. Alex is a passionate traveller believing that sustainable travel is our way forward.


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