Untouched Ep1: Guyana

Today, in the first episode of this 6 part mini-series Kate interviews Alex Boylan about some of the world’s less-visited destinations.

The first stop: Guyana. A small English-speaking country on South America’s North Atlantic Coast, Guyana is full of surprises. From jaw-dropping waterfalls to disconnecting from the modern world with little internet coverage, Guyana is a country for the true adventure seeker.  Alex talks about his unforgettable experience travelling there for his show ‘Around the World for Free‘, the incredible people he met along the way and a deeper element of what travel means to him and how we believe that sharing cultures through travel is one of the greatest of life’s gifts.

Alex’s first brush with the camera began with winning the Amazing Race at 23 years old, and from there, his career has skyrocketed with work both in front of and behind the camera. Alex is above all else, an adventurer and a storyteller. Alex has filmed in almost every state in the US and over 60 countries around the world. He has hosted two number #1 shows on PBS, hosted over 100 segments on the Travel Channel and circumnavigated the world without a cent in his pocket for ‘Around the World for Free’, this is just to name a few. Alex is a passionate traveller who believes that sustainable travel is our only way forward if we are to ensure future generations can benefit from the life-affirming experiences which travel can bring.

Join us on this adventure of a lifetime as we first head to beautiful Guyana…