Tasmania: The best things come in small packages!

We are really excited to share this episode about Tasmania with our low season listeners out there. This week Kate talks to fellow Ozzie, David Cox, the State Manager for Hawthorn Football Club in Tasmania. His role involves the coordination of bringing 4 home games of football to Tasmania and the tourism opportunities that it presents. This is Kate’s first time interviewing an Australian guest…

“…which was great because it was done at a “normal” time in the day, but more than that it’s really exciting to share how diverse Australia is and I’m so proud to be showcasing the different states and what they have to offer. Tasmania, in my view, is a little island on the south-west of Australia that despite being so small, punches so far above its weight in tourism offerings, boasting some of the freshest foods and wines, rich culture and history and breathtaking hiking and trekking that Australia has to offer.  Recording this podcast from Melbourne looking out onto a city street whilst talking to David who overlooks 5 acres of lush, rolling, green hills, I was just thinking, “I have to get down to Tasmania asap for some fresh air and wide-open space”.   It’s a great episode today, I really hope you all enjoy David’s passion for Tasmania that is just so prevalent in the way he talks about this beautiful state. Here’s the episode, hope you enjoy it!”