Stavros, The Rhodes Restauranteur

Welcome to this week’s episode of Low Season Traveller Insider Guides.

And this week we’re bringing you another episode of Low Season Stories  where we speak to locals in destinations around the world to learn their stories and their take on tourism in their destination.

We were recently on location in Rhodes for Low Season Traveller and hopefully you’ve already heard our story on Savas, The Rhodes Cobbler, which we featured last week and if you haven’t heard it yet, I would encourage you to give it a listen as Savas has a wonderful story.

But this week we are again bringing you to Rhodes as we sit down with Stavros, the owner of the legendary Mama Sofia Restaurant in the heart of Rhodes old town.

When we met Stavros 2 things immediately hit us. Firstly, this man is one of the most warm and genuinely hospitable people you will ever meet and secondly, he is outrageously passionate about the cultural heritage of his Rhodes.

As a man who was born, raised and continues to live in Rhodes’ perfectly preserved old town, I sat down with Stavros to get his thoughts on Rhodes in the low season months and his approach to tourism

Please do visit Mama Sofia’s and meet Stavros and his family when you visit Rhodes next.  The food is absolutely sensational and Stavros will be sure to greet you like an old friend.

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Finally, remember that travel is always better and fairer for the planet, the local communities and you the travellers, when it’s without the crowds…