Sri Lanka: The Ultimate Regenerative Tourism Destination?

Today we’re bringing you one of the most important podcast episodes we’ve recorded in a while.

We’ve all seen images of Sri Lanka on the news recently amid the turmoil of the ongoing economic crisis which the island is going through, but what is the reality behind the click bait headlines?  Are there any tourists in Sri Lanka now? What is the experience like? Is it safe to travel to Sri Lanka? And indeed, is it right to travel to Sri Lanka at the moment?

We caught up with Sri Lankan local, Chalana Perera from Retrace Hospitality who is on the ground in Sri Lanka as he paints an accurate picture of the blossoming, truly regenerative, tourism which is happening just now.

Have a listen and prepare to be very pleasantly surprised…

Huge thanks as always to Chalana for his brilliant insights today and if, like me, you are seriously tempted by the tourism offering which Chalana spoke about, then please do ask your travel agent or tour operator about their trips to Sri Lanka just now.  It may lead to the greatest journey of discovery you have ever had…

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