Socially Responsible Journeys

In today’s episode, we are talking about Social Responsible Tourism and we have the perfect guest to help us to better understand what we mean by social tourism and how it can make a huge positive difference in the world.

I first met Nic Balmain 16 years ago when we both sat on the Management Board of a large multi-channel travel organisation called MyTravel.
Since those days, Nic has re-located back to California where she decided to listen to her instinct and create a fabulous organisation called Nanda Journeys, which, as their tagline suggests, is “travel for people with purpose and passion“.

I caught up with Nic in this episode to learn more about what socially responsible tourism means and exactly how everyone benefits. As ever with Nic, her passion shines through in every word she speaks and you can’t fail to be excited by her vision for a virtuous circle of tourism where everyone benefits…..

Please do check out the work of Nic and her wonderful Nanda Journeys team below.

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Before you go we just wanted to let you know about our upcoming mini-series of podcasts where we will be focusing on some up and coming travel content providers who are producing some amazing content on social media and in many cases, are doing a better job of marketing destinations more effectively than some tourist boards. These 6 young, up-and-coming social media influencers are already getting hundreds of thousands of people to dust off their passports in search of adventure.  Prepare to be truly inspired!