Scenic Rail Journeys in Britain

Welcome to this week’s episode of Low Season Traveller Insider Guides!

Today I’m delighted to be joined by Jools Townsend who is the Chief Executive of the Community Rail Network which is a national umbrella organisation that engages local communities with their railway stations across Britain.

Recently, there has quite rightly been a more focused shift in the travel industry, towards more sustainable forms of tourism and this is something which we really want to help promote at Low Season Traveller.  We know that travelling in the low season is a more sustainable option but we also want to look at modes of transport, community engagement and local destinations as ways which we can ensure that our travel is not adding to the environmental problems.

As winter approaches lets find out what we can experience right here in the UK when we buy our railcard and head out to some of the places we barely knew existed!

Huge thanks again to Jools for taking the time to share her insights with us today and , as we mentioned in the podcast, please do visit to be inspired, research and plan your next rail trip in the UK. There are some brilliant days out by rail on there which look amazing and are great value for money too.

We’re currently planning a number of low season group tours for 2022 including Iceland, Greenland, Costa Rica, Northern Thailand, Vietnam, Switzerland, Ireland, Cambodia, India and more.  They will all be wonderful culturally immersive experiences in small groups where we will really get under the skin of the destination in each case as we create our very own Responsible, Sustainable, guilt free travel experiences.

Keep an eye on our facebook and homepage for more details coming soon.