Savas, The Rhodes Cobbler

This week we have a real treat for you as we are launching our first episode of Low Season Stories, where we speak to locals in destinations around the world to learn their stories and their take on tourism in their destination.

We were recently on location in Rhodes for Low Season Traveller and whilst there, we happened across a fascinating man called Savas who agreed to tell us his fascinating story.

Just as we had initially stopped recording, Savas had one last treat for us…he started telling us more about his love of traditional Greek music and how he used to play the bouzouki in a traditional band. He told us that he was not as good on the bouzouki these days as a lifetime working with his hands had left his fingers not as agile as they once were, but he wanted to show us his bouzouki. Listen to the end for what happened next!

  What a wonderful, spontaneous and authentic Greek experience we had with Savas,  and this really highlights just why low season travel is so wonderful. You simply would not have interactions like this during the busy peak months as the locals would simply not have enough time for you among all of the other visitors.

Be sure to tune in next week as we head again to Rhodes, for another low season story, this time with the utterly charming Stavros from Mama Sofia’s restaurant in the old town of Rhodes. Born and raised among the ancient walls of Rhodes old town, Stavros tells us what tourism and hospitality means to him and you cannot fail to be charmed by his enthusiasm and passion for his island, his town and his family restaurant.

But That’s our show for this week. thanks as always, for your company, Have a great week wherever you are, stay healthy, stay safe, keep your travel dreams alive and don’t forget to share this podcast with your friends, family and social networks.