Safarious – Meaningful Safari Experiences

Today we’re heading over to Cape Town to join our good friend and legendary safari guide, Warren Pearson, to learn more about a new venture which Warren and his friends have created called Safarious.

Designing and guiding meticulously crafted journeys to wilderness areas across Africa and beyond and creating extraordinary experiences in extraordinary places, Warren and the team believe that being entrusted with a safari is an honour and a profound responsibility – to both their guests and the natural world into which they venture together.

Safarious harnesses over eight decades of collective guiding experience and industry relationships to create meaningful travel experiences, benefiting local communities, wildlife and conservation initiatives as much as it enriches the traveller.

With this in mind, Warren strives for the adventures they create to be an authentic, layered experience matching the individuality of their clients with the magic of the wild to ultimately foster a deeper connection with nature.

Having recently returned from Kenya where I had no guide to assist me, I certainly intend to be a Safarious client in the future. 

If you haven’t caught them yet, Warren and Rou did an amazing series of videos for us on a host of African destinations during their low season months and you can find them on the “Live Talks” section of

And you can learn more about Safarious by visiting

If you are considering a safari in Africa any time soon, you should absolutely reach out to Warren as he is genuinely the most knowledgeable person I know and he is super passionate about the low season experience too.

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Have a great week wherever you are and remember that travel is always better and fairer for the planet, the local communities and you the travellers, when it’s without the crowds…