Meet The Tahitians: Meet Mateata


This past month we were invited over to the Islands of Tahiti by our good friends at Tahiti Tourisme so that we could learn exactly what the experience is like for visitors during the low season period.

The islands of Tahiti are arguably among the most stunningly beautiful in the world. Formed from the demise of 3 volcanoes, these islands not only have an incredible natural beauty, but they have an ancient, rich and diverse cultural heritage which remains strong to this day.

In this series, We seek to learn more about the traditions, beliefs, culture and heritage as We set out to discover the true essence of Tahiti when we ‘Meet the Tahitians’…

Episode 3 – Mateata

Mateata is joyful! She has an infectiously warm, powerful and energetic presence and is indeed a force of nature!

Mateata is proudly Moorean. Born and raised on this smaller and quieter island just 30 mins from Tahiti, Mateata was called by the ocean at a young age. She has sailed all over the world with her passion for seafaring always ensuring that she bore the true colours of her polynesian identity along the way.  Now back at her ancestral home in Moorea, I caught up with Mateata at the peaceful bay where Captain Cook first landed in Tahiti – a fitting location to learn more about the true polynesian culture of Tahiti and perhaps a short history lesson.


You can connect with Mateata via: