Low Season Dublin – Food Culture

Welcome to this week’s episode of Low Season Traveller Insider Guides brought to you in partnership with our good friends at Tourism Ireland

For this episode we head over to Dublin where I spent a wonderful 3 days in the low season month of January.

With clear blue skies, low crowds and plenty of things to experience and do, Dublin rarely disappoints in the winter months.  And what better way to pass the time than meeting up with some wonderful people like today’s guest, Eveleen Coyle.

Following a long (and happy) career in book publishing working with some of the world’s leading international publishers, Eveleen founded Fab Food Trails in 2006. Her aim is to celebrate the local food produce, reflecting the traditional and contemporary Irish table across the island of Ireland. While all trails are food led, guests also delight in shared curiosities relating to Ireland’s culture, history and architecture as they walk, chat, explore and taste the produce that has become an inherent part of Ireland’s story.

So sit back and relax as we head over to join Eveleen over a freshly baked Scone at the Powerscourt Townhouse just off Grafton Street…

And you can learn more about the fab food trails which Eveleen and her team run by visiting fabfoodtrails.ie where you’ll be able to see for yourself some of the wonderful experiences which Eveleen spoke about in this episode.

Next episode, we continue our low season Dublin trip as we head over to meet the owner of one of the oldest pubs in Dublin which you’ve never heard of!  I do hope you’ll join us.

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Have a great week wherever you are and remember that travel is always better and fairer for the planet, the local communities and you the travellers, when it’s without the crowds…



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