First Class Low Season Canada

Today we’re joined by Paula Martin from First Class Holidays who are our new strategic partners for Canada. 

Some of our regular followers will have noticed that at the end of last year, we launched our very first guides to Canada when we released our low season guides to Vancouver, Quebec and Toronto. Well we were able to do that because we are delighted to have partnered with the absolute Canada experts at First Class Holidays. 

We could see that their passionate team of management and staff have a genuine love for what they do: which is making people’s dream holidays become a reality. And they have first-hand experience of the destinations they offer; the advice and tips they can give to their clients are based on a reliable wealth of knowledge that they’ve garnered from their own extensive travels. 

So, to kick off our partnership with the First Class Holidays Team, I headed over to their Head Office in the shadow of Old Trafford in Manchester to speak with Paula who is clearly the most passionate Canada expert you could ever hope to meet. 

Sit back, and relax as we hear from Paula just what makes Canada so special during the wonderful low season months. 

And you can learn more about the low season months in Canada by visiting and of course, if you have any specific queries about Canada in the low season months, you can visit or give Paula a call on 0161 888 5630  

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Have a great week wherever you are and remember that travel is always better and fairer for the planet, the local communities and you the travellers, when it’s without the crowds…