Discover The World By Rail

There isn’t a train or country which Andy Brabin hasn’t travelled on!

Andy is an unbelievably well travelled train geek who loves to share his passion for travelling by train to explore the world. To date he has visited 175 countries and travelled by train in 75 of them, from South Georgia (NOT the US one!) to Narvik and all points between.
He founded the award winning Railbookers company in 2003 and travels on average twice a month exploring the world and travelling by train giving him first-hand experience of what is on offer and how to make the most of the trips.

We’ve all seen the recent “Travel Across The World” Series where teams have to travel by land across different continents and whilst I’ve never done much travel by rail myself, I was absolutely fascinated to learn more.

Here we speak to him about some of the amazing experiences waiting for you to discover when you travel the world by train…