Regenerative, Local, Responsible, Sustainable…Tourism

We are talking Regenerative Tourism, Local Tourism, Community Tourism and of course, Low Season Tourism. What are the challenges facing us for 2022 and are we, as an industry adapting quickly enough?

Welcome to this year’s penultimate episode of Low Season Traveller Insider Guides.

This year we’ve recorded over 60 episodes of our podcast and one of the most popular guests we’ve had on has been Carolyn Childs from MyTravel Research. Based out of Sydney, Carolyn has been a wonderful ambassador for “doing tourism the right way” for many years as she works with many high level organisations to help them to take decisions on evidence based research and insights.

We recorded this today on the 21 December 2021 and I wanted Carolyn’s help to make sense of the year we have just had in regard to the world of tourism. Have a listen to one of the sharpest minds in the global travel industry and also an all round wonderful person…Carolyn Childs. Let us know what you think about the issues discussed in the comments section below. Enjoy!

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