Meet Petrena

So welcome to this final episode of our special 6 part series where we have been speaking with some of the brightest and most considerate social media content creators around.  And today I’m delighted to be joined by Petrena.

Petrena is a travel media content creator.  Her channel on YouTube has millions of viewers and when you watch one or two, you’ll be hooked and it immediately becomes clear as to why her content is so popular.

Petrean is real. It’s evident that she cares deeply for the communities and destinations she visits. As she tells me in this episode, it’s as much about travelling between communities as it is travelling between destinations.

Petrena is also a passionate fan of low season travelling. By travelling in the low seasons she tries to integrate more deeply into the communities that she visits.  She gets under the skin of the community.

In this episode, we talk about her travels through Africa, massages, marriage, food, Mallorca and the traveller’s art of conversing when neither side speak the other language.

A natural-born traveller, the epitome of a low season traveller, and a true responsible traveller, i’m delighted to introduce you to Petrena…


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