Just Nok! Bangkok Cycle Tours

For this week’s episode we’re heading back over to Southeast Asia as we catch up with Nikki in Bangkok, Thailand where she meets an incredible woman called Nok.

Nok is a rarity, a Thai woman who started her own tourism business and made a great success of it. She comes from humble beginnings, a rural farming community in Isaan where she jokes she never grew because her mum had to go back to working the fields soon after she was born and her grandmother fed her on Carnation as a milk substitute. As a result, she claims that both her younger siblings are much bigger than her! Nevertheless, Nok has made a big impact in her own way. She started as a guide for an internationally owned cycle tour company that is very big across SE Asia, before eventually breaking away to start her own tours with just four bikes.

Before the Pandemic, she had grown to have 50 bikes and a team of five guides working for her. However, the pandemic was tough, with little to no financial cushion, she had to return to Isaan to live with her elderly parents. But…now she’s back!

Nok is a bundle of energy who always goes the extra mile and Low Season Traveller is happy to support her. Nikki took part in her “Back Streets of Bangkok” tour as part of her Low Season Adventure and managed to find a relatively quiet corner of Bangkok to chat afterwards….

And you can learn more about Nok and her brilliant tours by visiting https://www.justnoktours.com/ – it’s definitely on our bucketlist for our next visit to Bangkok!

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Have a great week wherever you are and remember that travel is always better and fairer for the planet, the local communities and you the travellers, when it’s without the crowds…